How to Reinstall Realtek HD Audio Manager in Windows 10 Driver Talent

For example, if you have a Dell desktop PC, you can visit Dell’s website to look for the model of your PC. Then, you can get the appropriate drivers that have already been tested on the same hardware that you have.Look for the Audio section, where it’s easy to find an audio driver. To find out who made the audio chip in your computer, use the Device Manager method described above. Among the most common manufacturers are Realtek, Creative Labs, Intel HD Graphics and Audio, AMD , or NVIDIA — though of course there are many other options. Each manufacturer will at least provide basic drivers that work with their audio hardware. The driver you download may come with an installer.

So by uninstalling the Realtek drivers and reinstalling them to your PC you may be able to solve your problem. In Windows, you can find your audio driver in the Device Manager. You can access it from the Control Panel and then select the Device Manager. Once you’re in the device manager, select the Realtek audio driver you’d like to update. Click the “Uninstall” button to remove it. Alternatively, you can choose the “Show hidden devices” option and check whether you have duplicate audio drivers.

How to download the Realtek audio driver for Windows 11

Also, you can increase Treble a notch high, but make sure you find it convenient to your ears. Besides, when you are using a microphone for video calls or recording, make sure Noise Cancellation feature is enabled. Apart from that, always set the frequency to Hz as it’s the most common sampling frequency for all kinds of media Download nvidia Drivers Driver Download & Updates …. All in all, you should use Realtek HD Audio Manager more often and mess with the Equalizer to get the best out it. While the guide is for Window 10 PCs, the same instructions apply to Windows 7 users as well. If for some reason Realtek HD Audio Manager is not working on Windows 7 too, you can follow the same steps below.

Following are some salient features of the Realtek HD audio manager. You can download the Realtek HD audio driver from our shared links. Now go to DDPHT folder and double click DolbyDigitalPlusHT.msi, check on the making shortcut on start menu, finish the installation. Sure, you can rip your PC apart and eyeball troublesome hardware directly – but there’s an easier way to find drivers for unknown devices.

  • Simply expand the section by tapping the drop-down menu.
  • So when you want to uninstall Realtek High Definition Audio Driver, the first solution is to uninstall it via Programs and Features.
  • A great many people are searching for Realtek driver update.
  • Once your PC is ready for an update, navigate to Device Manager.

It will also perform the installation process instantaneously and then help you access the Realtek HD audio manager smoothly. Since there are many complaints about the working of the Realtek HD audio manager, simply uninstalling the application from the control panel will just make a loop. So follow the below steps carefully and resolve the Realtek issues in windows 10. There can be many reasons why someone would like to remove an audio driver in Windows 11. It could be that you are facing issues with the driver that’s installed such as no sound, sound crackling, or perhaps it just keeps glitching. So removing the driver then allowing Windows to detect the best driver suited for your sound card could resolve the issue.

How to Fix Realtek Audio Not Working in Windows 11

You can follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation steps. Then, scroll down to “Sound, video and game controllers” and locate “Realtek High Definition Audio”. After that, go ahead and right-click it and choose “Uninstall device”. Ensure you have the box “Delete the driver software for this device” selected and then click OK. The only way to check for working and reinstalling is by updating the Realtek drivers. Following are some steps to make sure the software is installed correctly.

However, we here at TechRadar like to make sure software takes before we trust it. When the installer is done, well, installing, it’ll ask you to restart – make sure you do, otherwise the driver can’t finish its installation. F you’re using Windows 10, then you’re using Realtek audio. Please note that there are 2 driver download modes.